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KILILI was our first leonberger female, the Queen of our house and the common ancestor of all Leonbergers born in our kennel. KIARA and KOVU are characters from the movie: The Lion King 2.
KIBOKO means hippo in swahili
KITABU means book in swahili

KARIBU means goodbye in swahili
KIBIRITI means matchstick in swahili
KWENDA means to go in swahili

Kilili Kovu

Kilili Kovu

Kilili Kovu

Kilili Kiara

Kilili Kiara

Perseus-Eleocharis v. Holzland

Rosaceeen Eleocharis

Rosaceae Amaranthus

Rosaceeen Dielytra

Enya v.d. Frakenhohe

Gringo v. Bayertor

Irena v. Knauersbach

Forever Fahna

Cool Summer Storm Ginger Heaven

Wiyot NancyDrew

Skjaergaardens Cool Indigo

Enigma du Plateau Bavarois

Bobby Ensson Bhoemia

Wiyot Cleo

Pedigree completo/full pedigree -- here

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